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Wolds Wildlife Park


Wolds Wildlife Park


Andrew Riddel and Tracy Walters are the owners and founders of Wolds Wildlife Park Ltd. Their life-long passion for animals has shaped the park to what it is today, all animal residents are considered as a part of the family.

The collection began in 2013 when Andrew gifted Tracy a young female zebra, named Marty. Many animals that are present at Wolds Wildlife Park have been rehomed from other collections. As the park began to grow many zoological professionals commended both Andrew and Tracy on the care given to their animals and the attention to detail shown when creating each exhibit. After realising that so many people were eager to see the animals, the concept of opening the collection to the public was formed.

Andrew and Tracy decided to open their gates to the public for two days in July 2018. On the success of this weekend, the idea of opening a zoological park was born. Over the course of the next year, the park opened for a select few days to enable visitors to see our progression and new animals to our collection. In December 2019, we successfully obtained our full zoo licence.

Construction of modern, species specific enclosures has shaped the foundation of the park; creating safe and rich exhibits from recycled materials. This rare and pioneering approach to constructing a wildlife park is a credit to Andrew and Tracy’s vision. Andrew and Tracy are very proud of their home in the Lincolnshire Wolds. The wildlife park means so much more than providing a loving home to a variety of animals but to also bringing visitors to the attractive market town of Horncastle, providing an enjoyable day out for people of all ages.

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